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Getting there 
International Airlines with regular flights to Nairobi include Kenya Airways twice daily with once weekly flights direct to Mombasa from London KLM British Airways Gulf Air Emirates Quatar Airways South African Airlines Air Swiss Virgin Atlantic and Brussels Airways.

There are also many European charter airlines that fly from Italy Britain Switzerland Holland Germany France and seasonally from Czech Republic and Hungary to Mombasa - gateway to the playground of the Kenya coast. 
LTU and Condor have the right to sell individual seats.

The Kenya Shilling is the currency of Kenya.
Rates vary. Check on line.

Kenyans are naturally friendly and Kenya is a most child friendly country and nearly all camps and lodges accept children. However a few small or remote camps and lodges may not on the grounds that small children do not always have the patience to remain quiet and not disturb the wildlife whilst on safari or for other safety considerations.

Kenya straddles the equator and has a hot tropical climate with temperatures reducing at higher altitudes. The sea level coastal belt is always hot whereas Nairobi and up-country game parks have hot days and cooler evenings. The northern parts of Kenya have harsh arid conditions. Rainfall is monsoonal with long rains during the months April May and June with short rains in the months of November and December. Safaris are more popular during the dry months but many visitors enjoy the cooler albeit wet conditions during the rains.

Time Zones 
Kenya is two hours ahead of Middle European Time in winter and one hour in summer and three hours ahead of GMT in winter and two hours in summer.

Main electricity is 240 Volts/AC. Plugs are square three pin but adaptors are available in stores many hotels and camps.

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