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Kiswahili and English are the official languages however English is widely spoken. Some useful phrases are shown below.
Hello = Jambo
Good Morning = Habari za Asubuhi
Good afternoon = Habari za Alasiri
Good evening = Habari za Jioni
Welcome = Karibu
Goodbye = Kwaheri
Please = Tafadhali
Thank you = Asante Sana
Good Night = Lala salama
How are you? = Habari gani?
Good Very well = Muzuri

Bargaining is expected at curio dealers. Prices shown in shops are not allways fixed. Do not buy ivory hides or elephant hair bracelets as they are prohibited.

It is wisest to leave valuables such as money jewelry and travel documents in the hotel safe. Kenya is a developing country and poverty may lead to crime.

Traveling by car 
Traffic drives on the left. To rent a car you will need a valid driving license and a passport. Self drive to the game parks is not advisable unless you are a very experienced traveler. 

Taxis are readily available at the airport hotels and in town. Avoid the older ones and be ready to ask the correct fare in advance.

If you are an addict bring your clubs. Kenya has many attractive golf courses and golfing holidays are on the increase.

Many Kenya hotels camps and lodges have invested in conference facilities in the past years and have gained considerable experience in professional hosting. Your group or corporation may consider a conference holiday combined with a safari.

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