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Our aircraft is not an old Dakota DC3. She is a new DC3TP65 with a longer fuselage modern PT6 turbine engines and an up to date cockpit full of new instruments and radios. Our Classic Dakota is perfect for short grass runways in Africas game parks. 

The modern DC3TP may be seen at the polar ice cap the hot desert on mineral research spraying mosquitoes for health control over the oceans on sea patrol or fighting fires in North America. Wherever you need power strength manouverability reliability and sheer ruggedness with a well proven track record......... you are likely to find a modern DC3TP flying in a unique niche role.

It has been said many times that there will never be a replacement aircraft for a DC3. This has always remained true ...........with one exeption...a newer improved DC3TP. This iconic airplane is timeless.

MAS is justifiably proud of FURAHA..... the Swahili name for 5Y WOW ......because she is a living legend and surely one of the most loved. This is the plane that changed aviation history years ago as she could carry a large number of passengers by the standards of the time in comfort and safety. Modern airlines were created using this plane. Famous in civilian life the plane is well known as the C47 Dakota in a military role.

MAS will give you a small momento to show your friends that you flew in a Classic DC3.TP. Many of our Mara air safaris are operated by the Dakota.
Send an email asking to be booked on...........................The Flying Legend.